Hamburger Menu Color in Divi

Mobile Menu Color in DIVI

Do you want to change the color of the mobile menu for your DIVI website. ?

/* Change color of the hamburger menu on tablet and mobile. Add the following to your style.css. Adjust the color. The  following will make it black color*/
span.mobile_menu_bar:before {
color: #000000!important;

hamburger menu color

Hamburger Menu Color

Simple border around a row in Divi

Lets add a border to a row in Divi. For this example I have added custom css to the row module. This will style the row container that holds its columns and modules. I’ve added a simple border and some custom padding to add a nice box around the contents of the row. This tip was a CSS tip by Elegant Themes that I had read.

Row Settings -> Custom CSS –> Main Element
border: 3px solid #74c403;
padding: 20px;

This tip was featured on Elegant Themes blog.
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