About Us

Chef Elena Tumminaro of Elena's Garden Restaurant
Chef Elena Tumminaro of Elena’s Garden Restaurant

Elena’s Garden Restaurant is the creation of husband and wife team Elena and Luis Tumminaro. Their American-infused, Italian-based, organically created, cuisine was inspired by Elena’s papa, an immigrant from Italy, who shared his love of cooking with Elean as a young girl. His focus on using fresh ingredients and family style dining were the inspiration for Elena’s Garden Restaurant. Located in the heart of Main Street’s Historic District, they are proud to be a part of a rich community.

In 2011, the duo remodeled the restaurant and updated their menu to include newer and more diverse entrées that could be made from local organic suppliers. Preservation of the building’s original layout has allowed them to create intimate settings with smaller, more intimate, dining spaces. Elena and Luis are committed to sharing their family history of cuisine, along with their new inspirations, with their customers. Their passion for community, entertainment, and hospitality are found in in every aspect of Elena’s Garden Restaurant.